ClearOne Helps Keep Northwell Health’s Training on Course

audio-training-rooms-northwellWhen healthcare giant Northwell Health was building their new facility in Long Island, New York, the building’s training and conference room became a major focus of attention because the new space would be responsible for providing the 21-hospital healthcare system’s doctors, nurses and administrative staff with vitally important ongoing training and education.

As a multi-purpose space the room would also be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate the various types of medical training that Northwell would be providing. A first-rate conferencing system was a must and Steve Loos of AV integrator Custom Media Environments knew ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO), a global provider of audio and visual communication solutions, met all the criteria for this important install.

The training and conference room needed to be configured for up to 12 different scenarios and would be physically divided in five different ways. Northwell Health wanted complete flexibility and functionality within this changing environment. Toss in the fact the system needed to be aesthetically pleasing, fast, easy to set up, and include audio and video conferencing, sound reinforcement, and recording.

“This was an important and very detailed install,” Loos said. “The task was to not only provide an effective method to share and communicate information, but to be able to facilitate these needs in a variety of different configurations.”

Loos went with ClearOne’s CONVERGE® Pro audio platform and Beamforming Microphone Array not only for their unrivaled performance, but the system’s flexibility would be a key factor for Northwell Health as well.

“ClearOne technology is very powerful, it reacts well to the many different room combinations and the presets are what enabled us to get things laid out and set up in different modes.” Loos said. “I’ve worked with ClearOne for a long time, I’m so impressed their products were able to withstand the constant changes and additions we had to make for this install.”

The 10 Beamforming Microphone Arrays Loos installed answered Northwell’s demands on several fronts as they eliminate the need for conventional microphones, helping to hide tech as was requested, and their patented technology forms a fixed number of beams and applies acoustic echo cancellation to each beam. Eliminating ambient noise that could distract from the effectiveness of the training was also essential, so the highest-quality audio was of vital importance.

“The Beamforming Microphone Array was the deciding factor for the client - the echo cancellation is second-to-none, and partnered with CONVERGE Pro it makes for a solid solution, especially when the clients don’t want to view technology on the table,” Loos added.

All ClearOne CONVERGE Pro signal processors offer complete audio systems that deliver rich functionality and consistent, high quality audio for conferencing and sound reinforcement applications.

The entire install included equipping six smaller training rooms, video conferencing suites and a lecture theatre that would also be part of the facility’s training program.

“Every integrator knows the client can often require more than what they originally ask for. When we had to implement changes, ClearOne was always on hand to help us expand the system,” he said. “Every time I thought we were being asked to provide more than what the engineering would allow, ClearOne found a way around it and made it work.”

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